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Other Resources

If you know of any sites or online resources that belong here, but are not listed, please contact and we will add it to our list.

The Other Resources Team do try to visit every site listed on a regular basis and include some information on what we found.

Twurp's Peerage
Sites relating to specific Discworld characters
Cruel and Unusual Geography
Sites relating to specific Discworld locations
De Chelonian Mobile
General Discworld sites
The Klatchian Foreign Legion
Non-English Discworld sites
Stripfettle's Believe-It-Or-Not Grimoire
Discworld-related Sites with an unusual twist
The Invisible Writings Section
Discworld Ezines/Articles
Trousers of Time
Non-Discworld novels
Other Internet Resources
Resources other than web sites
The UU Library
General Literature Sites Email Resources email addresses and mailing lists

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