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General Literature Sites

These sites may not contain direct references to Terry Pratchett or his books.

Baumsk Filks by Martin Baum
A site devoted to 'filks' - parodies of modern music and a source of much mirth at science fiction & fantasy conventions.
Noah Phoenix And The Rise Of The Titans by Steve Hawtin
Join in with the creation of the web's first ever publicly generated fantasy fiction book and help raise money for Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support.
Pewfell Porfingles by Chuck Whelon
A humorous fantasy webcomic.
The Internet Book Database of Fiction by kiltannen
An online database of fiction books and a place where you can discuss all your favourite books, their characters and the worlds they live in. Check out what you want to read next. Includes a new forum devoted to Pratchett.

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