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Stripfettle's Believe-It-Or-Not Grimoire

Discworld-related web sites with an unusual twist

codeto ergo sum.. by Archon Giorgos
This is actually an experimental Javascript site but includes a Random Pratchett Quote Generator. Select 'include pratchett.h' to view the Quotes.
Discworld Cake by Kimberly Chapman
How to make your very own cake of the Discworld
Discworld in Miniature by JAK
Started originally as Clarecraft's pewter Discworld figures meet Games Workshop's Warhammer but now more a collection of character figures in the wargaming scale of 25-30mm. Contains many specially sculpted figures from all the Discworld novels but the main part of the collection is a full set of all the named City Watch.
Discworld Mafia by Alex Butterfield
A Discworld themed Mafia deck. Mafia is a party game played by at least 7 people (preferably between 12-20) and the Discworld card designs are freely available to download and print.
Discworld MUD by Discworld MUD Creators
At first glance, this site looks like a bunch of links. Howver, perservere and you'll realise that Discworld MUD is a huge, intertwining, online game where you join a guild. The site has a very good description of the Discworld itself plus online publications like guild listings, newsletters, and bulletin boards. The big thing, though, is the game. Playing instructions are on the site itself.
Discworld Quizzes by af.davie
Test your knowledge of various Discworld books.
Discworld Wedding Cake
This cake even has an orbiting sun and moon!
GURPS Discworld bye Nighte by The bye Nighte team
Formerly known as GURPS Discworld Noir, this site contains a wealth of information relating to the GURPS Discworld role-playing game by Steve Jackson Games.
Hexoogle by Matt Owen
Would you like your web search experience to be Pratchettified? Hexoogle is a front end for the Google web search engine that provides you with random Pratchett Quotes straight from the L-Space Web's own Pratchett Quote File as part of your overall search experience.
How to add Pratchett quotes to your Pegasus .sig file by Jeroen Wijnands
A Pratchett quote file for use in the Pegasus email client
Lords and Ladies mp3 by Squad 69
Thee Unfeen Univerfitie (High Energy Musick lab) haf uploaded the contentf of a sound box to thee Elecktrick Internet. Lords and Ladies, performed by the Musick With Rocks Inn band name of Squad 69, is a chilling tayle of Elves and suchlike. Squad 69 are Wet Hennes, but they be Clean and have Good Teeth. Furthermore, they totallye cannot be seene. (Requires an MP3 player).
Snowgum Films - Troll Bridge by Snowgum Films
The web site devoted to the newest DW film project: Troll Bridge. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Snowgum Films is a non-profit production company whose sole aim is to improve their skills as filmmakers, supply the world with entertaining and thought-provoking movies, and drink lots of beer. If any money is inadvertently made through Troll Bridge, it will be donated to the Orangutan Foundation - saving our simian cousins from extinction.
Tales From the Discworld by Owen Burgoyne
An anthology of Discworld Fan Fiction
Terry Pratchett Meetup by Meetup Team
A free, subscription-only, site where people can arrange meetups with other fans in their city on the first Monday of each month
Terry's Item Page by Rate It All
Rate and post comments about Terry Pratchett
The Dis-organizer Demon by tijmen
A (dis) organizer demon for the Psion5 (HTML version also available).
The Discworld Pages by Stefano Busti
Entry site for the Discworld Oracle (a database) and the Tales From The Ankh (fanfiction)
The Eldritch Site by James Fell
Scans of covers and various Discworld illustrations
The Patrician's Palace by Samuel Caddick
Vetinari's very own A-M Government web site
The Silver Horde by Mad Hamish
Everything you always wanted to know about the Silver Horde - who they are, where they hang out and what drinks you should buy them to avoid wholesale destruction. Eventually you will find a veritable feast of information relating to Terry Pratchett's Discworld and particularly the very strange activities of some of it's fans.
Thieves Guild by Mikael
Join the Guild and carry out email assignments....
Thud - The Discworld Board Game by The Cunning Artificer
The definitive Thud web site. Includes Virtual Thud and an online store to buy your own Thud game.

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