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General Discworld sites

A Special Kind of Person by Ealasaid
Information, fanfiction, and essays on Havelock Vetinari
A Tourists Guide to the Discworld by Jennie Lees
A nice clean site that includes a summary description of some Discworld locations
A'Tuin's World by colinfur
General information on Discworld including blurbs from many of the books.
Absolute Disc by silvestris
A journey through Discworld
Addicted to Discworld by Lady LeJean
Requires Macromedia Flash
Andy's Discworld by Andy Walmsley
Personal opinions of the Discworld.
Ankh-Morpork Home Page by Mark Burgess
Miscellaneous Pratchett/Discworld info
Bonsai Discworld by Alan Winton and John Pagan
Discworld news, releases, gossip, and well anything Pratchett really. Includes a Merchandise section and a Discworld Diary with Discworld events and releases. A very tasteful site that also includes features such as a mini-poll and a mailing list for its newsletter. Every once in a while, there are online contests with prizes to the winners.
Cat's Corner Terry Pratchett Quotes by Cat
A large number of Discworld quotes from various books
David's and Chris' Discworld Website by David Gent & Christopher Thorndycroft
Some book reviews up to, and including, The Last Continent
Deaths's Domain by Fionnbarr Austin
An interactive Discworld club/community - although it has been reported that you may need to have a Yahoo ID to join in with the community chat facilities. The site has been updated recently. A very busy site. I used to go there when it had a less formal forum but that seems to be missing now.
Delenne's Site by Delenne
Includes some character bios and a Discworld quiz.
Der Rand des Multiversums by floze
Miscellaneous Discworld info site that requires Shockwave to view. Mainly book reviews
Deviant Art by NG
A site containing a selection of Discworld blinkies. For the uninitiated, a blinkie is an animated graphic (often containing a slogan or name) used to decorate web pages, emails, and forum posts. Blinkies usually have a two, or three, colour border that either flashes or emulates a scrolling marquee - hence the name.
Discworld Artwork by Katherine Sheen
A limited gallery of Discworld fan art
Discworld RPG by Discworld RPG Moderators
A freeform messageboard based RPG game.
Dungeon Dimensions
A web forum dedicated to the general discussion of Discworld books.
DW Extended by Robert King
A Discworld forum that includes sections for fan fiction and role-playing games.
Fantasy Fan by Piotr Aragorn' Siennicki'
A web portal site for all fantasy fans. Includes a Discworld discussion category
FMA Discworld by Fionnbarr Austin
This site is very simple. Sometimes I like very simple. The text is not extensive but for those of you who already know about the Discworld and are looking for something kinda new, this is nice. There is the Webring for those looking to find out more about DiscWorld. The pictures are fun. It's a neatly constructed site and easy to navigate. Worth at least one visit.
Just Discworld by KjataCat
An MSN group covering all aspects of Discworld discussion from the novels through to Discworld recipes
Little Guys by Graham McCormick
While a great many characters come and go throughout Terry Pratchett's Discworld, there are a small band who just sit on the fringes of the stories....
Mantaray's Discworld Page by Chris Booth
Fan art plus miscellaneous Pratchett/Discworld info
Mss. Esmeralda Weatherwax Fan Page by Jeroen Metselaar
Quotes and miscellaneous info.
Oeystein's Ultimate Discworld Page by Oystein Andersen
Misc Discworld info
Phil Masters' Unofficial Extra GURPS Discworld Stuff by Phil Masters
Additional material that didn't make it into the GURPS Discworld book for one reason or another
Ptraci's Homepage by Rachel Drummond
Misc Discworld info
Stephan's Discworld MUD Page by Stephan
Discworld MUD related information
Terry Pratchett Links by The Open Directory Project
A collection of Pratchett links similar in structure to what Yahoo! Offers
Terry Pratchett Unseen Message Board by Jonathan Malory
A large community of Terry Pratchett fans. The site includes a forum and a fan fiction section.
The Bugarup University Students Guild by amazden
Home of the Australian Discworld Fan Club
The City of Ankh-Morpork Fan Forum by Leigh Clifton
An online Discworld discussion forum
The City Watch by J. Wilson
A Morpork City Watch Resource
The Discworld Almanack by Shryll.
General info including The Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons. Doesn't appear to have been updated since 2000
The Discworld Compendium by Winter Raven
Miscellaneous Discworld info, including quotes, fan art, and a character index
The Discworld RPG by The Discworld RPG
The Discworld is an online role playing game based mainly within the city of Ankh Morpork. Create and play a character - imagine your house in Lower Morpork, get a job - you could join the Watch, or a guild, become an apprentice, or leave the city in search of an adventure. The action is only limited by your imagination!
The Discworld Tribute by Andrew Bartley
General Discworld page. Content may not have been updated since 1998
The Enthusiasts Guild by alex m.
A website for Discworld fans to meet and talk, gather info and much more.
The Guild of Fans and Disciples by Elizabeth Always
The officially unofficial fan club of the Discworld
The Moogle Valley by MoogleyMog and KjataCat
A Fantasy Community
The Prince of Llamedos by Dafydd Young
General Discworld site
The Shades by Jim Annison
An online Pratchett forum.
The Shades by Steve
An online forum for Discworld fans. The forum is also open to fans of all other fantasy genres, and players of RPGs - be they console, PC, or good old-fashioned dice and paper
The Staff of UU by Fionntan Conway
An MSN Terry Pratchett fan club
The Turtle Moves by Peter Burlingham
Covering all the latest news, interviews and events relating to the Discworld novels, the site also runs frequent competitions giving away free Discworld books, has an online shop stocked with the various books in the series and a discussion forum for talking about any aspect of the series with other fans.
The Ultimate Fantasy Fansite by Jonatan Salzer
Includes some pictures and game walkthroughs as well as a Win95 DW theme. The site doesn't appear to have been updated since 1998.
The Unseen University Pratchett Page by Richard Gaze
Although this is only a single page, it does carry many of the covers of the Discworld novels and plenty of links. It's worth visiting because many of the links are for non-Discworld books, such as Good Omens and the Bromeliad trilogy. It also has a link to a good secondhand book shop that carries many of the novels.
The Virtual Discworld by Mark Barlow
General Discworld site
The Watch House by Jonathan Wacks
A Yahoo club dedicated to Terry Pratchett
Tirwen's Guide to Discworld by Tirwen
Links to other Discworld sites
Unseen Univerisity Web Site by Maryanne Mozer
A virtual presence for UU on the Internet: information, facilities, and more
Witches of the Discworld by SonOfAnOgg
Site dedicated to the Witches, with reviews, clip art, quotes and more. Currently being updated and revamped

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