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L-Space Email Resources

A list of publicly available email addresses and mailing lists

L-Space Mailing Lists

Fan Fiction (The History Monks)
A mailing list for those who wish to read, write, discuss, or otherwise contribute to Pratchett-based fanfiction. (afpa)
Receive announcements posted to the newsgroup via email. Please note that this is a read-only list.
L-Space Users (lspace-users)
A mailing list dedicated to the discussion of the Pratchett/Discworld resources available from the domain, with the primary focus on the design and implementation of the L-Space Web.

UK AFPMeets (uk-meets)
The UK-meets mailing list is intended for announcing and discussing Pratchett and related activities in the UK. It is a low-traffic list, not meant for discussing Pratchett or his work
Benelux AFPMeets (benelux-meets)
Meet activity in the Benelux area (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) is sufficiently high that it warrants its own mailing list. Everyone who is interested is encouraged to subscribe (we also have many people from the UK, Germany and France on the list).
German AFPMeets (de-meets)
Dedicated to discussion of such meets, their planning, arranging and recovering from. English language of submissions might be a good idea, though German language should be fine as well.
Subscribe to this list by sending a blank email with the word "Subscribe" in the Subject: field to
IE AFPMeets (ie-meets)
The ie-meets mailing list exists for the express purpose of discussing meets in Ireland. Everyone who is interested in attending Irish meets is encouraged to subscribe, whether they are local or intend visiting the Fair Isle at any point.

AFP Speculation (afp-spec)
A list dedicated to all of the Discworld speculation discussion that is discouraged on the alt.*.pratchett newsgroups. This list is technically still alive, but it has not seen active traffic in years.

Other L-Space Email Addresses

L-Space Newsmaster
The address to use for problem reports.
L-Space Web Librarians
Send all of your specific comments or questions about L-Space Web here!
The L-Space Cabal
The address for reaching the owners of the domain.

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