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A live action/CGI four-hour miniseries for Sky One, based on Terry Pratchett's book.

Pratchett and Vadim Jean penned the adaptation. Jean will also be directing.

Cast List

As of April 26th April 2006

Jason's signing is quite a coup for Sky. Now seen most regularly in ITV's "A Touch of Frost" and one-off dramas such as "The Quest", he is British TV drama's most bankable star. RHI Entertainment have secured the international distribution rights.

Production is scheduled for completion by late June, when The Moving Picture Company will work on the CGI. Terry has also confirmed he will make a cameo appearance in the film due to be aired on Sky One this Christmas.

Hogfather will be produced by Rod Brown and Ian Sharples for the Mob Film Company. Elaine Pyke is the executive producer for Sky One and Robert Halmi Sr is the executive producer for RHI Entertainment.

The two-part film, which will run for a total of four hours, will be part of Sky One's 2006 Christmas schedule. It is the first Discworld film to be turned into a live action movie and will be filmed in high definition.

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