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Preface to v9.0

This is the first 'real' release of the Annotated Pratchett File since the v7a.0 release of 16 June 1996.

Back then, I apologised for the eighteen months that had passed between v7.0 and v7a.0, and I promised I would do better next time. Um, yes.

Apologising again, but now for the eight years that have passed between v7a.0 and this v9.0, seems a bit pointless. Let me instead just thank all you APF readers for your patience, your submissions, your corrections, and your offers to help. In all those eight years the flow of supportive words and emails and Usenet messages never once dried up, and I doubt if I could ever express adequately enough how motivating and helpful that has been.

Having learned my lesson, I will make no promises or predictions this time with respect to future releases of the APF, but my honest intention is for v9.0 to signal the start of a period of steady APF development on all fronts: annotation content, World Wide Web version, typeset version -- everything. In a sense I still consider v9.0 an 'intermediate' version, and I have Plans for major improvements all over. We will just have to see how (and when!) it all plays out; for now I hope that v9.0 will be a welcome milestone, of sufficient quality to make sure everybody is once again willing to come along on the next leg of the trip.

Leo Breebaart

Delft, August 2004

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