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Copying the APF

It's really quite simple: I have by now spent very considerable amounts of time trying to make this document a useful resource for fans of Terry Pratchett's work, and I would be delighted to see the APF reach as many of those fans as possible.

Please feel free to distribute the text and PDF/PostScript versions of the APF to others by mail or in print, and to put them up on bulletin boards, archive sites or whatever other advanced means of communication you have available to you.

All I ask is that you (a) always distribute the APF for free, and in its entirety (for obvious reasons, I should hope), and (b) always include information telling people where they can find the original version (and possible updates) of the file (i.e. <http://www.lspace.org/>).

I'd also prefer it if you did not put up separate copies of the HTML version of the APF on the World Wide Web (local copies for personal use are just fine). Experience has shown that on-line copies always become outdated very soon, but continue to foul up search engine results for other people for ages onwards. Please just link to the canonical version of the APF on the Web instead (again: <http://www.lspace.org/>).

If you want to translate a version of the APF into another language (or otherwise distribute a modified version of the APF), please first contact me at apf@lspace.org, and I will give you more information in email.

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