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Josh Kirby's Artwork

discworld-postcard.jpg (301153 bytes) discworld-postcard-2.jpg (230718 bytes)
A postcard that was released to promote the Discworld CD ROM game. Another postcard, this time released to promote the Discworld II game.
discworld.jpg (365386 bytes) eric-and-rincewind.jpg (319952 bytes)
Eric and Rincewind scanned from the illustrated big 'Eric'.

Misc Advertising

terry-poster-front.jpg (271833 bytes) terry-poster-back.jpg (250520 bytes) german-ad-in-book.jpg (70308 bytes) guardian-ad.jpg (380208 bytes)
An advertisement poster, the rear of which is only partially scanned. Why Terry Switched his German publishers: they interrupted _Sourcery_ for an advert for soup! The black bars are also in the original book. A full-page advert that appeared in the Guardian. Feautures Terry in Indiana Jones tough macho mode.

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